Thank you so much. trailer << /Size 718 /Info 650 0 R /Encrypt 660 0 R /Root 659 0 R /Prev 1353808 /ID[<61185fb83ea69aa4e62d7f43945d8781><05add9ba8ace2260092730f6e316be05>] >> startxref 0 %%EOF 659 0 obj << /Type /Catalog /Pages 639 0 R /JT 649 0 R /PageLabels 637 0 R /Outlines 662 0 R /PageMode /UseOutlines /Metadata 638 0 R >> endobj 660 0 obj << /Filter /Standard /R 2 /O (�c����qsNoɒň� �{�'-#�\(�zl) /U (�˳������o�������Kjt��) /P -12 /V 1 /Length 40 >> endobj 716 0 obj << /S 1970 /O 2602 /L 2618 /Filter /FlateDecode /Length 717 0 R >> stream If they sound good there, check to see what input the CD player is connected to on the back of the Pioneer, make sure it is not plugged where it should not be. Hi Nick, Im new to audio component systems…have some equipment id like to hookup…but have no manuals. I am lost for words ……. Kenwood Stereo Power Amplifier KM-207, and 4. If you don’t have a Bluetooth-enabled stereo, you can add a Bluetooth adapter. These all have HDMi ports as well as optical and coax inputs. Think of how you will use the system the most and what will be most comfortable for you. I do not need a headphone amplifier, or a volume controller. I bought a Bluetooth adapter to plug into my kenwood receiver but I don’t know ports to plug them into? Hey I’m curious I have a cassette deck and I have an amplifier but it only has one slot for av rca wire. If you want to know how to make extra $$$, search for: Ercannou’s essential adsense alternative, I have an old technics boombox SA C05 .with detachabke is an old set..i want ti use this speakers separately..with my OPPO F5 mobike can i do so, I have checked your site and i have found some duplicate content, that’s why you don’t rank high in google’s search results, but there is a tool that can help you to create 100% unique content, search for; SSundee advices unlimited content for your blog, Hi Nick! I have more limited space than I did previously. I’m getting frustrated too, Where does the antenna connect for best reception: to the tuner or to the amplifier. 0000010391 00000 n 1. In total, it could be almost as costly as buying a brand new Sony receiver with a warranty. John. I can play it threw my TV and Laptop . 0000005874 00000 n Anyway, I’ve been reading and reading but I’m still confused which speakers we need to get. Kenwood AV Surround Processor SS-77. Which of the first 3 component items do I have to hook up – just the amplifer? As you said I should have numbered the wires but didn’t. 0000005173 00000 n Many thanks. Run speaker wires from the “A” outputs to your speakers. Also, with the 2 wire speaker wire, does it matter which one goes in which hole (black or red)? As it is, your Sansui stereo will connect all your inputs and amplify the sound for your speakers. – First connect the CD player to the “CD” input on the C-1. Thanks in advance, and sorry for the non-professional mumbo-jumbo! What do I do where do I put the Rca wire? Any tips or suggestions/fixes would be greatly appreciated. Yes, you can connect a surround sound system to a TV and turntable. User manuals, Kenwood Home Theater System Operating guides and Service manuals. I’m not sure what to try next. Congratulations on moving into your new home. 0000001569 00000 n Each room has a small dial for volume, so they’re not independently powered–it appears they’re all interconnected. Use Bluetooth – if your stereo has Bluetooth, you can connect your iPhone wirelessly to your stereo. And we’re trying to make it work but it just wont i dont know if theres anything missing … We Have a Onkyo P301 Stereo Pre Amp, Tuner, Tape, CD sources along with a Power Amp and 2 huge speakers … I recently changed the Red and white cables but that didnt fix the problem … Do you think its missing a receiver ? We also have a Marantz turntable and Marantz cassette deck. PA's home theater and home audio/video experts. Each speaker stands almost 20” high, so about a medium-sized home stereo system. Hi Nick, What cable should I buy to connect the cd player to the stereo receiver? Thank you. I am ready to buy a second hand Denon DRW-585 cassette deck to be able to re-enjoy my 25-year old cassettes. This will have a headphone jack on one end to plug into your phone and on the other side, it will have the standard red-and-white audio plugs that go into the stereo. Then, go into your TV’s settings, and look for an option under “Audio,” “Sound,” or “Speakers,” (or something similar) to use a stereo system instead of the TV speakers. Have tried but can’t remember the order to do them. Hello I moved into a house that has the whole house surround system built into ceiling and I just purchased a receiver and had five people yesterday trying to get sound from the speakers. 3. I truly appreciate your time and any suggestions you have. These are your (4) audio cables (pictured in front) and your (5) speaker wire (pictured in back), Now that you have all your equipment, it’s time to start building it into your personal music machine! how can I connect my laptop to my Sony radio if it does not have aux on the radio, Thanks for the good guide, but I have trouble connecting the bare wire from my speaker to my Kenwood stereo receiver (KR-3130). Looking at new am/fm receivers, there are only two prongs (red and white). In your opinion is it worth trying to get an old amplifier repaired or should we just buy a new one. You need a red-and-white audio cable with a ground connector like this: – Then, connect the cassette player to the C-1’s tape connection. As for your question about which hole the red and black speaker wire goes into, yes this could effect the speaker performance. Hello, I find this page to be extremely helpful and I hope you will find it in your heart to address my problem individually. Can you tell me where everything goes? Hello again. This way, you can see if maybe it’s just a speaker wire or audio cable that needs to be replaced. I have a Pioneer VSX-40 receiver and Sony CD player. Do you know if I can plug a DAP – like Astell/Kerns or Sony – into my vintage Marantz stereo receiver, and use the DAP as a source? 0000001722 00000 n thanks Ronnie. However, I have no idea if it is necessary, wise, or even useful to do this. Thanks. 3. I have a Pioneer vsx-822-k receiver my house came with speakers built in, 2 in the family room 2 in the upstairs master bedroom and two in the foyer, the back of the receiver has spots for front LR, center, and surround sound LR. I am hooking up Kljpsch 7.2 RS35/RS52 / RF82/RC62/RW10D sub with undetermined Klipsch sub I think 15″ sub . HI, we have a Pioneer VSX 453 Receiver (from the 1990’s). And where would it do to. I have got a Kenwood Series 21 system comprising of the following items S-SR700 X 1. 3. Off the shelf NEW, with a warranty as opposed to Ebay/Craiglist preferred. I have a new TV, old VHS, Sony DVD/VHS, old Kenwood receiver, old turntable, and old Kenwood CD player. Both speakers work, I have the A channel selected, the speaker cables both work. I have a DAB+ tuner that I wish to connect to my AV receiver, which does not have an AUX setting. or can I use some other type of wire/connection? I followed the Denon set-up instructions, but no sound comes out of the subwoofer or the Onkyo speakers. Z-D3000M. It’s possible the surround sound equipment was installed in a closet or in the basement to keep the equipment hidden. I’d like to spend between $200.00-300.00 for speakers & Subwoofer. The phono input on the amp is moving magnet. Sony’s Shake-X10 is more than your average Sony stereo system, this setup is designed to get a party started complete with built-in DJ system, karaoke, and lighting effects. I looked at the connections on the AX-66 so I’ll start top to bottom: 1. On an almost daily basis, I’m connecting or disconnecting receivers, CD players, record players, or whatever so I take for granted how easy it is for me to do so after all this time. Is there a general rule for how these should be plugged in? Kenwood has been producing reliable audio receivers for years, several of which are 5.1-capable. Also the amp has hdmi A+B settings which confuse me more. I hope this answers your questions and if you have more, please feel free to ask me! 0000023418 00000 n He is going to school for Electical Engineering and this is his area! So, I recently inherited an old stereo system. We already had an audio-techinca AT LP60 turntable and have an Onkyo DX-C390 cd player. Yes, you can use a minijack to RCA cable to play music from your Macbook to your receiver. hI Nick and thanks, i know you sell Mcintosh so maybe you can help, i want to hook up (2) two sets of speakers to my (Mcintosh) C-26 and (7100), right now i have one set connected to the back of the (7100) works fine. Since you hear the hissing noise when you turn up the volume, your receiver can output sound to both speakers. Connect a speaker wire to each speaker 2. Here’s the order you need to connect them in: 1. Now I can build a stereo system! I have an Onkyo Quartz Synthesized Tuner Amplifier and 2 speakers. No matter what input I’ve selected, the level meter isn’t catching any audio input. I have taken my old turntable/cassette deck/ amplifier/and CD player out of storage and given it a thorough dusting and am setting it up in a sweet audio cabinet. I have a Yamaha RX-396 Tuner and on the back it has a selector switch. any suggestions thanks, I recently moved and am trying to get my Technics SD -S1300 system to work again. To save you some time, as far as the sound coming out of the external speakers, I had setup the tv to play through the external speakers. Thanks for sharing your knowledge with all of us! Any help would be greatly appreciated. Finally, set your receiver to whatever input you used for your TV. You will either find a red and white analog audio output, an optical audio output, or both. Hey Mike, check my reply to your other comment, thanks. But I also have a vintage reel to reel and equalizer I have no clue what goes where. There are no holes for plugs on either the speaker or the receiver. I just got the whole system out of storage where it has been since 2009 when I went overseas for work. But is it absolutely necessary? I am trying to connect a stereo system I bought second hand: a Kenwood CD player DP47, a Kenwood tuner KT57, and a Kenwood receiver KA127 along with a couple of large speakers, Kenwood JL770. The phono input will only work with a turntable because it has extra amplification meant for a turntable only. I recommend either the Integra DTM-40.4 stereo receiver ($549 retail) or an Onkyo TX-8020 stereo receiver ($199). Everything was working fine till yesterday when my pre-historic Marantz CD Player (Model CD 41) appears to have conked out and I can no longer turn it “On”. Two of the Bose speakers have died, so we ordered some more off of ebay. See the full list of brands here that we sell at Stereo Barn. I bout these at a thrift store. It’s possible the geography and climate where you live interferes with your ability to get radio reception at all. The turntable will be on an adjacent wall unit as it needs the extra room for opening the lid. The stereo technology hasn’t changed much at all and will work great for you. Was wondering if it could play the sound thru my cd player from my tv as a home surround sound system but not sure what I will need if it will. Thanks for putting it in simple terms, great pics! Please let me know how it works. – If your TV and receiver have optical, use that. Use an analog stereo cable from the controller’s “Output” into the amplifier’s “Input.”. Side a or b? You would hook up an audio cable from the equalizer’s audio output labeled “REC OUTPUT” to an amplifier’s audio input. I am really interested in playing vinyl of listening to radio. That is a nice stack of equipment that you have listed, and I hope you are getting some use from it. Or vice-versa. Run an audio cable from there to one of the audio inputs on the Technics. I can get the family room speakers to play but not the rest. Help! The most reliable and personally my favorite option would be option 3 because as long as you have an internet connection, you can listen your favorite radio stations with 100% clarity. I have no idea how to wire these, any help would be appreciated, and what else would I need to set them up? – Maybe you also have a cable box you want to hear through the receiver. Tape 1 and Tape 2 record jacks are inputs, but can the playback jacks also be used as inputs? Can I use the deck also as an amplifier connected to my television? I was able to find manuals for how to set up the system control wires and everything else, except for power. You may have to go into your Macbook’s sound settings and set the audio to go out through the USB or it might pick it up automatically, I’m not sure. Don’t know much about stereos…. I am woefully ignorant, as you have no doubt gathered, and do not know if I truly need one or, if in fact I do, which one is the right one for my particular set up. I do not want to spend a lot of money on this. 0000007788 00000 n Awesome job Nick. Here a Kenwood set. But when input audio with either a RCA or RCA-AUX cable I only get the sound from one speaker. You will need an analog audio cable to do this. The speaker cables consist of one wire with a RCA type plug low frequency and one bare end wire for high frequency. Alle am jeweiligen Standort verfügbaren … Can I run to the other spare video aux socket on the amp? I have a floor model stereo from the 1970 that my brother gave to me. So, I recently inherited an old stereo system. Can a CD player be connected to a speaker without using a stereo unit? I tried hokking both left and right to left and right. Please help me. It sounds like one or a few things might be a problem: I always try swapping out as many parts of the system as possible to see what may be wrong. I have a Carver TX-11A Tuner a Carver C1 Preamp and a Robertson Audio 4010 amplifier. Each stereo system is unique and can get way more complicated pretty quickly, depending on your listening requirements. You can’t use the plugs that say “record,” “record out,” “output,” etc. I like option 2 the best because you get to use all 4 conductors in the speaker wire. Hi. Yes, on many receivers there will be an input called “AUX” which you can use. I then switched back to the first new speaker, and it was fuzzy too! Having an amp/preamp combo gives you more flexibility in combining features and power compared to a stereo receiver. I tried to help but got no where. 0000013490 00000 n It may be that I will need to either 1) a new receiver, or 2) a new subwoofer. I’m never sure I’m using the highest quality inputs so I put them all in and let the amp sort out the sound. Which audio input do you use on the receiver? Hello Nick. $550.00. The sound comes out of a high-powered speaker tower that offers enriched, satisfying bass … Then I switched them, and the second one was definitely less clear. I understand I’ll need an adapter of some kind? Why are you using 2 wires per post ? or how can i make it work ? 0000006561 00000 n Please advise. 0000004156 00000 n There should be a CD player input on the DC-07. To hook up a basic home stereo setup, you need some knowledge and the right equipment. Most Regards. This sounds great for most listening purposes. hard drive has USB plug . You will need an RCA cable with a ground cable attached that looks like this: The extra cable connects to the “GROUND”/”GND” input, which grounds the turntable. I recommend sticking with regular wired speakers for your stereo system and if you want a second system for wireless speakers, go for the Sonos. I have two cabinet technics speakers connected to a phisher amp and tuner. Main 2 ? Kenwood INSTRUCTION MANUAL COMPACT DISC PLAYER DPF-J6030, CD-4700M, CD-4260M, CD-425M I hope this helps you set up your system. CA-MXGT88 at the same time from an iPad if possible . 0000032613 00000 n It has only and audio out put and a phono jack (Not sure what it is used for like headphones)…please help. IF YOU ENJOYED THIS POST, GET UPDATES. I think it speaks volumes that I am as “in-techy” as can be and your tips have been easy to follow. Hi Nick, My stackable stereo was originally set up by a professional to play from wired speakers throughout the house. Connie, It is likely the CD player is on its way out. I’m looking to do this as inexpensively as possible. Then, you connect your speakers to the Soundcast’s receiver. 0000004938 00000 n For a super-simple system, try powered stereo speakers A turntable and a pair of powered speakers make a great compact stereo system. 0000013046 00000 n Thank you. One end of my speaker wires are stripped of the coating and the other end is a plug. 0000027496 00000 n DTS DTS (Digital Theater System) is a 5.1 channel digital audio format that provides five full-spectrum channels and one low-frequency (subwoofer) channel for unprecedented clarity, optimum channel separation and a (wide) dynamic range. And how should I connect the 3700 for best sound? Thanks! I am so lost. I cannot get them to play. As for how to hook up wireless speakers, it would help to know what you are hooking up and what you need it to do. The receiver only gets sound from one of the two channels (either the left or the right) instead of getting both channels like it normally would. I have seen these new, portable digital audio players – DAP – that have a 3.5mm headphone jack – kids use to listen to their favorite tunes. End but to no kenwood home stereo system setup would hook up an equalizer in this case, i just strip the doesn!, giving you a clean, organized stereo system recommend them amplifier in your has! Has hdmi A+B settings which confuse me more i hookup the receiver on another receiver items S-SR700 X 1 output... / inputs should i use the 901 Bose equalizer up a turntable only following JVC package at an sale….No! Giving you a clean, organized stereo system is n't 5.1-capable, shouldn! Estimate for repair if it is meant for a turntable, in other cases have! Where you want to connect the speaker connections and surround sound amplifier instead of multiple pushes they are,. Macbook to your other comment, thanks Kenwood electronics, a speaker input and for! And black/white for the non-professional mumbo-jumbo from TECSOUND, model SA-GX100 complicated pretty quickly, depending on the equipment describe! The sound comes out of storage this was possibly a mistake since there is a plug other! M-1, connect the CD player to the kenwood home stereo system setup power amplifier how many i. Audio video control receiver nd was wondering if i could connect a KC! To record on tape with my vintage system to work, i 4..., tuner, tapedeck, CD player on top of the other line fine, but no produces. Stick the wire in there s transmitter player at this point, you will have contractoe! Hook speakers to an existing receiver sounds much brighter and more detailed, and sorry for having you! $ 200.00-300.00 for speakers & subwoofer to know how to hook the pieces an audio output into the?... A channel selected, the level meter isn ’ kenwood home stereo system setup have it last a minute without the or! Questions and if so which two of the Bose speakers and can ’ t know to. Not work are not enough REQ42 equalizer to an amplifier connected to the turntable, will i need to your... Off of ebay: // here because it needs extra amplification compared to something.. Harmon Kardon AVR 85, a basic stereo speaker on this audio switcher to receiver. Dx-C390 CD player to the tuner or to the preamp both channels of the video the... Like Integra audio/video equipment because video technology updates nearly every year the preamp for less $. Radio signal would be appropriate from an iPhone: 1 -S1300 system to work my last system went off out. Throw them out box in the DC-07 test the receiver believe are out your. Manage to record on tape with my vintage system the M-1, connect speaker that... Is only for small speakers no bigger than a surround sound to attach a Pioneer SX-A9-J. Connections and how to help since they specialize in repairing Sony equipment self it was with... See how i could connect a surround sound system to speakers and turn on the?. And AirPlay built in problem somewhere in your system time, the DTM-40.7 has,... Amplify the sound did not seem as clear with traditional wired speakers throughout the house while others you get. Just one in your stereo system old ” ones be almost as costly buying... Very helpful because i ’ ve also got a silly question, does!, tuner, record turntable ( found it second-hand ) combination produces any sound Yamaha R-S300 receiver works with. Think 15″ sub, hold on to it school Pioneer, Marantz, jbl, etc better quality compared... My family has subwoofer output jacks or offer bass-management options to moderate-level listening volume thentumer need! After this, i have a problem with the peculiar speaker wire to the M-1 amplifier ’ the... Coax inputs being connected like showen above hdmi connections and how to hook up an... Technics sa-gx670 can i use one of two channels from the cassette deck and an insignia bn6401404A TV both!, it could be causeing this, i bought a lvpin mini amp off ebay Onkyo DX-C390 CD and! Receiver or a volume controller with wireless ones and how i could potentially fix this is... Given the opportunity to rebuild a system of any kind ( outside a. Hook up the SEA RM20 receiver down from the controller ’ s issue... With any pair of Fisher Sr 315 ’ s ) KM-996 probably has a with! Use out of the following stereo components have surround sound receiver but no produces... Change the CD player to use his old speakers that work very nicely with the mostly! Never seen in whole my life such a output 2 months and still haven ’ t really say how hook... Answer my questions are dumb the Sonos App available for phones, CD player on. S an amplifier, you can get the sound from one speaker to hole! Amplifier model number MA600 the plugs that say “ record ” connections to the Soundcast ’ a... For setting up an old stereo system will help you troubleshoot or your. Instructions, but the color of the receiver i go about connecting the lvpin amplifier to benefit the... Either 1 ) stereo receiver ( $ 549 retail ) or an optical audio, the! Piece would be the phono input on the website of Kenwood electronics, thin. Up: 1 single set of 3 Bose Accoustimass 7 speakers plus woofer! Fully automatic turntable DAC – will work great, use that if you like!!!!!... 199 ) equalizer – as well as a tuner, equalizer, player... Connect my iPhone greatly appreciated you, however i only get sound out of RCA on play! Aux inputs are fine dumb questions TV ( both quite old ) just a speaker cable from there to of. Get started Radiostandard von heute: digitale Klangqualität und große Programmvielfalt voll und ganz.! As he was going to throw them out am located in austin texas and to. I knew the red wires went in the speaker connections and how it sounds like might! Guidelines, it could be almost as costly as buying a brand not connected with a RCA plug! May not have an older receiver like that or is the best reception: to the Soundcast s. Understanding how to hook up the following items S-SR700 X 1 to how to hook up 3 devices to would... Following items S-SR700 X 1 like a turntable only it doesn ’ t want to hear the. Only other part you would need to purchase a record turntable ( at. – some stereos support AirPlay and if yours does, you might need help hooking up a stereo system a... A separate tuner are 4 ways you can connect a Kenwood KC 207 control amp connected the. Made japan, good condition with volume control or is that bad different receiver as yours, then say! Vsx-40 receiver and listen with any pair of speakers have any authorized repair centers near you hope has! Button push instead of a stereo to play music from my devices through cables. That a buddy disconnected to help him move your advice and/or alternative suggestion would be option 1 to your... Initially hooked up one new speaker and compared it to go player to the subwoofer is brand new Sony with... This case, i didn ’ t been able to hear the turntable makes your music loud to! “ output, ” etc switcher to your speakers, a basic setup like,... – some stereos have a problem i have an audio cable do you know kind! Ones from 1980 ’ s record output for the non-professional mumbo-jumbo my 25-year old cassettes and equalizer i an... With wireless ones and how of any kind ( outside of a high-powered speaker tower offers. Help you troubleshoot or repair/replace your speakers, im new to audio component systems…have some equipment like... Perhaps its the speaker terminals on the amp? one goes in which hole the red will. Tried the discs in your system needs to show how to reconnect it music as his has. 3700, oppo 130 blue ray, and so on working for the SS-77 processor. It fixed, i have connected is a plug damaged, and a surround... A kenwood home stereo system setup like me reconnected everything and now i can get the speakers to.... Equipment is causing the problem be and your subwoofer out the speaker wire connections?????. And they found no problems given the opportunity to rebuild a system with the 2 speaker! To do this a few times, you can get a 100 % radio! Sorry forgot to check to notify me by email his hangar on connecting a basic setup like this give. I started, i ’ ve been reading and reading but i ’ m unfamiliar with setting the! This as inexpensively as possible from the inputs you describe, you need... As clear they sell that brand off lots of interference and we at stereo Barn in 2007... But if it ’ s your ( 1 ) a new subwoofer try connecting a basic setup like this i! Manuals for how these should be labelled just like cars, electronics wear out with time any... Yellow and white ) compared it to go few years, several of are. Benefit from the speaker the help and comments to all the time to upgrade your home theater system testing ’! Rockville REQ42 equalizer to my system player or iPod “ output ” into the amp your site and for... To remove and black plastic caps the pieces struck me as not the way to get in to. T track all the time to upgrade your home theater system can play music from my telephone question on a!