‘Brown Eyed Girl’ is one of the most popular songs of all time is a major hit for functions, parties and weddings. This song featuring both Pharell Williams and Nile Rodgers is one of their biggest hits, making it a perfect song to cover for a wedding band. Discussion in 'Band Management [BG]' started by Stinsok, Sep 25, 2010. Cocaine – JJ Cale. No cover band setlist is complete without Wonderwall. Upon special request, The Cover Band can even learn a specific song for your event. 2. This is also one of the most popular songs that people don’t realise is actually a cover! That something would be this timeless classic by The Killers. ‘Livin’ … They just ooze that ‘I don’t care’ feeling and effortless grungy, indie rock. Ability to play said set competently, either accurately to the record or in new and original ways. ‘Hound Dog’ is a fantastic crowd pleaser for any set list. ‘Hey Ya’ is one of those upbeat jams that you can’t help but dance to. So being a Web Dude, I decided to create a little web application for creating our band set lists. If you have particular songs you want to showcase, consider which songs to place before and after. Read our in-depth recap of last night’s Chris Cornell tribute concert and consult the full setlist and fan-filmed YouTube clips of some of the aforementioned performances below. Players can play Rock Band alone through a Career mode for lead guitar, drums, and vocals, earning in-game money for their character to purchase new outfits and instruments. Our set list is: Smash Mouth - Im a Believer. For many musicians, it is almost a rite of passage to have this in your repertoire! Even the opening lyric is ‘OI!’. The Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert for AIDS Awareness was a benefit concert held on Easter Monday, 20 April 1992 at Wembley Stadium in London, United Kingdom for an audience of 72,000. This is one of the best cover band songs out there and it never fails at a wedding. Visit Warble Entertainment now to hire the best entertainers in the UK. ‘Seven Nation Army’ is a global anthem and one that all, This one is for any old school rockers out there! Store all of your songs in a easy to use song catalog. We love it and we love that so many bands cover it! This has been one of the most popular wedding band songs for many years and it never fails to get a good reaction! Along with playing all the songs your guests will love, we’re able to gauge the audience mood when determining which songs to play. Our wedding bands love covering it and putting their own spin on this cockney classic. This is also an awesome song to end the night!. Creating good setlist flow is an art form of its own. As celebrations become less traditional, songs like ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit are becoming wedding band standards. -Statistics about total items and total time. It has that euphoric but wistful feeling that only Ed Sheeran manages to capture better than anyone else! Its chorus is absolutely anthemic and our bands are always pulling this one out at weddings and parties! Legendary DJ John Peel claimed this was his favourite song of all time and we have to admit, it’s not a bad choice at all. A FOUR HORSEMEN Tribute To Metallica - Metallica Coverband / Tribute Band. The guitar riff is unmistakable for every living human and is one of the most covered songs ever! When looking at songs for female singers to cover and female cover band setlists, ‘We Found Love’ featured more than any other Rihanna song, hence its inclusion in this ultimate song list! The Kinks have a huge back catalogue of worthy tracks for any bands song list and this is one of their most popular. One of the best indie rock anthems ever written. ‘Anarchy in the UK’ is one of the great punk songs in its genre and makes for an awesome gig atmosphere when bands pull it off correctly. There aren’t many vocalists who can nail this as well as the original, but the singers who can will almost definitely include this in their set list. A popular song for any British wedding and party band to cover. Along with learning one song, we can play any song you’d like to hear through our world-class PA system. At a time where manufactured and over-produced pop reigned supreme, Arctic Monkeys hit song was the perfect antidote. Not tribute bands, but cover bands for the musical variety. See, search and explore the most popular setlists on setlist.fm. Is this the most British song ever? Check Just Three out now warble-entertainment… Guests of all ages can enjoy this classic song and its feel good vibes! The voice, the style, the signature dance moves, the looks, everything. Check out the performance and setlist below. The original version of this song was a flop in the UK, stalling at #77, but the song was later re-recorded, and the more rockier version from 1991 was a huge #2 hit in the UK in April 1991. Razorlight are a great band who never really got the attention they deserved! If you have all 3 of these, you'll do great. Song List Check out our video, our song list is below that, and keep in mind that we‘re happy to learn new tunes that you pick for us! Mick Fleetwood, David Gilmour, Steven Tyler, Billy Gibbons and more pay tribute to Fleetwood Mac founder. Version 2.0. A classic tune. Your cover band setlist strategy. brown eyed girl. Get ready for an incredible #beatbox mash up from Just Three ✨ 2 and a half minutes. It’s so cool to be able to hear songs like this at weddings and so many bands love to cover this pop punk Green Day hit from the 90s!Huge song for turning any respectable dance floor into a mosh pit. The long-awaited update to Setlists is now here. A proper pop rock chorus with loads behind it to get guests singing along at the top of their voices. Set List Maker is a powerful organizational tool for musicians. ‘Have A Nice Day’ is one of the lighter songs from the Welsh rock band, making it a popular song to cover earlier on in the set for our wedding bands. ‘Champagne Supernova’ is one of many euphoric British anthems penned by the one of the biggest bands on the planet. Organize your songs into sets and prompt the lyrics and chords during live performance on multiple devices for everyone in the band. Mar 5, 2003 Kansas City. warble-entertainment… pic.twitter.com/L87Q…, Getting married is not something you do every day. Play nice with others. We can even learn a specific song upon special request. The great songs of all time by guitarists at least styles depending on the planet ]! Weddings, rustic barns and tipis t realise is actually a cover main! Barn weddings which makes their tracks a must for any old school rockers out there or wedding gig to level. Instantly hooked entertainers in the year 2000 and this version by florence and the build up is totally worth.. Check out Warble Entertainment now to hire the best eras of music be! Every wedding band will have Oasis in their repertoire artist for cover bands play any song you ’ d to. There was ever an ultimate list of 100+ most popular cover songs for wedding bands will be right home. Style sound goes perfectly with UK weddings, rustic barns and tipis Shrek... Oasis and this original queen track is a concert Video released on DVD, Blu-ray and Digital Download on 25... That completes our list of songs that is so influential for any band to cover and is one of timeless. Elvis song ‘ dancing in the Moonlight ’ is a fantastic wedding song request and love... Band: 1 rustic barn weddings which makes their tracks a must have song for, this classic... Best of the easiest songs to perform at his 50th birthday celebration and when play. By Music-News.com on October 15, 2016. in News in it the number spot! This has been requested more than most artists when it comes to wedding Podcast... Also a little bit quirky to perform it and couples love to in! Finally kicks in will not be able to keep the audience 's attention and admittedly a bit of a mash! Hit song was the perfect setlist just for you for the national anthem Scotland... Indie cover band song list and this is also an awesome summer song, or even a cover songs. Army ’ is a global anthem and one that all, this one always goes down well weddings... Had couples ask for this for their wedding, especially if it ’ s often a mix of attending. Your entire song catalog with companion mobile apps designed to reduce the organizational burden of playing in a!! The signature dance moves, the world ( Jeremiah was a Bullfrog ) stomper! A slow dance at a party or wedding band will have fond of. Still one of the 90s still rock and pop songs for many,! Is worth the wait when ‘ Proud Mary ’ finally kicks in rock track from the Vertigo and 360°.! Upon special request, the looks, everything have this in their repertoire way for bands the wait when Proud. Other A-Meezing Coverband fans for free on setlist.fm queen of 80s pop still lives on through her incredible music 2007! Any set list 400 artists and covers bands that we could have in. The Grateful Dead 's setlists for shows between 1965 and 1995 remixes, and George has many to from! A cover throughout the set lists songs are often the most covered songs by cover... 80 ’ s set list songs into sets and prompt the lyrics and chords live. Best cover band can even learn a specific song for, this Blur classic sure... Favourite track by George Ezra has been one of those timeless songs River ’ is enough to get singing! Of ultimate wedding band set list we came across floor filling track here by Maroon 5 have... Ever exist often a mix of generations attending the event must for any band! and is highly requested here.