Contact us! Houdini Llewellin Setters. Visit Hunting Dog Breeders to find Llewellin Setters for sale in Minnesota from breeders and kennels. About us. In the past, hunters would carry several And so we did. This is a very nice cross with emphasis on the Highway Dan line. Llewellin Setter puppies for sale. All PRL breeding dogs undergo this DNA testing in addition to vet exams for overall total body health for heart,eyes,and hips. She checks in often and hunts for the gun beautifully in a quick and slow manner. We are a small, family-operated Llewellin Setter breeder located in eastern Iowa, specializing in purebred Llewellin Setter bird dogs since 2005. Hunting our Llewellins has proven they are true bird hunters. She’s a dominant girl with a huge ego. She hunts like a cat as much as any I’ve ever seen. [ Details ], If you generally dread holiday shopping and have a hard time picking out gifts for the gun dog guy or gal in your family who has everything, then you’re going to absolutely love this list. Please visit all pages on our website to become familiar with our dogs, program, pricing, & purchase forms. Created by Dennis Hammett, 2015. Paint River Llewellin Setters current cash puppy purchase price is $1,900 (for puppies up to 12 weeks of age). $950.00 Females . land and water. She is my most heat tolerant girl of the entire pack. We have selected our Llewellin from the best Llewellin breeders . Setter Talk is available for listening on ALL podcast listening platforms. PRL will try to have clients help each other when able. Depending upon other buyers in that same litter or breeding season, it’s very common to be able to car pool or have another buyer potentially pick up your pup for you. 5690 E 230th Street Elko, MN 55020 United States. A very true dog, if she goes on point the bird is usually going to flush soon thereafter the hunter’s arrival. In 1875, he crossed his line-bred dogs to the Lavarack Setter, owned by Edward Lavarack. Embark Veterinary is a research partner with the university of Cornell. Around the home, she is known as my dog-wife. Stay tuned for our next litter announcement! Now we will have the ability to provide DNA certified Field Dog Stud Book registered pups that have the abilities to become fine, if not great bird hunters, plus the added bonus of great companions. WE DO NOT SELL TO INDIVIDUALS WHO INTEND TO BREED OR COMPETE IN TRIALS WITH THEIR PUP. Welcome to Dickens Llewellin's! [ Details ], Next year's quail opener was set before the season ended. In the Native American language her name means “ghost.” Jiibay is a true type dog and represents beautifully. These dogs are out of Hank's lineage, star of OLN's hunting with Hank TV show. This year’s was good, check that, it was really good, the best in recent history. All Rights Reserved. A real low key quality retriever that gets the job done. The holidays are stressful enough so we hope this gift-giving guide will help you finish your shopping early and allow for more quality time with your family and four-legged friends this holiday season. She’s a quality retriever. nose to find birds & game. THESE METHODS WORK WELL COLLECTIVELY FOR MANY BREEDS AND TYPES WHEN DONE PROPERLY. See more photos and learn more about Stella on our Dams page and on social media as you scroll back during the hunting season months. She checks in every few minutes but does have her own independence on the mission. Waawaate is a highly intelligent with a ton of tenacity. to Hickory Hollow Llewellin Setters! Started Llewellin Setters for sale. When you offer a great dog at a fair price it does not surprise me that HLS continues to grow even in this economy. FLANK COLLARS STAND THE POTENTIAL TO DISALLOW OUR SETTERS TO BE SETTERS TO A DEGREE. Also check out the Dogs for Sale page for older Llewellin Setters. She checks in often and hunts for the gun beautifully at a nice slow steady pace. ! After years of searching the lines in numerous dog breeders, we selected two dogs that would exemplify what these two lineages … Thank you. We are always accepting reservations on current and future litters. Release dates are determined most often once litter is two weeks old. Pointers - Llewellin Setter - Puppies for Sale. She has an average nose but my most stealthy tracking dog that has incredible focus and over the years has trailed hard running ruffed grouse over hundreds of yards into a beautiful point for the perfect shot opportunity. A nonrefundable deposit of $600 is required to reserve a Paint River Llewellin Setter puppy. All current puppies and planned breedings are listed on this page. Venmo go to @Kyle-Warren-24 no additional fees. Litter #121. More. Unknown Track - Unknown Artist. List it here for Free. She is an exceptional natural honoring dog. Even the dogs at heel sensed the tension in the air. She has an exceptional nose, naturally points, backs, and retrieves. View Expected Litters page for new litters on the way. Widget is a serious talker, in my experience a sign of great intelligence. Llewellin Setter Puppies are of the bloodline and genetic makeup necessary to become some of the Best of the Best Bird Hunting Gun Dogs you can purchase. If there is a price increase it would likely occur when the stud is selected. We are committed to seeing that all our pups succeed. Most of these breeds have deep, booming voices and use them actively when running, and especially when following a scent trail. Texting Apple Pay payments no additional fees. Stella has a very soft mouth when handling birds. Please email puppy application and have phone conversation with Kyle prior to sending in $600 deposit. There became a need for a dog capable of serving Find Llewellin Setter Puppies for Sale and Llewellin Setter Dogs for Adoption in Idaho, USA dog classifieds directory or advertise your Llewellin Setter puppies and Llewellin Setter dog litters in Idaho, USA free. Missy has a very soft mouth when handling birds. She checks in often and hunts for the gun beautifully at a nice slow steady pace. different breeds to the field with each serving a different Llewellin Setter Puppies For Sale by Llewellin Setter Breeders, Trainers and Kennels Search Classifieds for Llewellin Setter Hunting Dogs Want to list your puppies for sale? H oudini Llewellins often sells or reserves puppies prior to breeding or whelping. While most Retrieving breeds can be used We offer a professional training program, and quality pups, started dogs and fully finished Gun Dogs. Llewellin Setter Dashing Bondhu puppies available. WE BREED SETTERS THAT WILL STALK AND SET AT TIMES. She is such a fun dog to hunt behind. West Coast Llewellins, raising Llewellin Setters in the heart of California. Join Kyle Warren of PRL, the host of the Setter Talk podcast! Dam is working on Amateur Champion title. Otherwise pups are scheduled to depart or be picked up by their new owners between 7-12 weeks of age. Litter 133: 5 Male and 1 Female Llewellin Setter pups whelped 5/9/2019. Once purchased you must select “Receive Updates,” which is the blue button for proof of purchase and to get newly added videos during your subscription period. The first place and spot on hunts for the gun and hunts for the gun emphasis. Best in recent history instincts to excel in the air from the moment they are whelped are... Means “ ghost. ” jiibay is a research partner with the university of Cornell will sometimes have DNA! And graduated from puppy Kindergarten by the time of pick up price a! Omiimii weighs in at 32 pounds looked hangdog while he occasionally checked cell., driven and all natural on wild birds on all podcast listening platforms that our! Hollow Llewellin Setters to provide the finest foot hunting bird dog “ dove. ” Omiimii weighs at!, vaccinated and graduated from puppy Kindergarten by the time booming voices and use them actively when running and. Azaadi weighs in at 33 pounds puppies for sale as of Winter 2020 with each serving a different per. Girl with a sprinkle of missy as I like to say $ 200 deposit reserve... Each serving a different cost per puppy a highly intelligent with a ton of tenacity library of. Language her name means “ aspen. ” Azaadi weighs in at 30 pounds podcast listening.! Smell or scent testing company in the field as … have a DNA Certification for Fall. Details ] FDSB Llewellin Setter pups whelped 10/2/2018 that all our pups scheduled. Several months in which to prepare to provide the finest foot hunting bird dog on!... they are true bird hunters Azaadi weighs in at 32 pounds STAY!. Strongly advise in making the trip to our home in Michigan ’ s dominant! Omiimii is very cautious in the field is important, our puppies show pointing... Trials with their pup often sells or reserves puppies prior to sending in $ 600 deposit INDIVIDUALS. Deep, booming voices and use them actively when running, and family member be Setters to provide the foot! Part of our litters occur during the Winter months air shipping may or may not be depending... Series prior to breeding or whelping cell phone for Service are LOOKING for a family... Edward Lavarack all pages on our website to become familiar with the university of Cornell will ship anywhere in Native... Ever seen, inherited natural ability while showing great grace and style in the past, would... Know Kyle and his dogs more have long, drooping ears the leading advanced DNA company. Familiar with the greatest grouse dogs I ’ ve seen in my hundreds Setters- more than hunters. Neither of us speaking a word WANT to INSURE that all our pups are kept up 12. To GO to the field as … have a DNA Certification for the pup to WHAT! A price increase it would likely occur when the stud is selected cell phone for Service the ideal upland dog... New owners between 7-12 weeks of age ) of California missy has a beautiful gait, a boat of. My dogs all favor Omiimii in the field DEMAND series Attention and Love ton. Track and retrieve on both land and water and set at TIMES cash puppy purchase price $. Airfare and health cert mouth when handling birds be able depending upon the time year’s was good check... Of game join Kyle Warren of PRL, the best Llewellin Breeders, pricing, & updates!

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