Interested in testing your Russian language skills?We have the right test for you! Please check the Russian as a Foreign Language Center website or address your questions to Russian language for foreigners applying for citizenship of the Russian Federation. Keywords: test of Russian as a foreign language, integration exam, test for obtaining the status of a native Russian speaker, interview test … We welcome applications from suitably qualified individuals who have completed higher education in It is also possible that some Russian-speaking companies require you to have this test to guarantee your level of Russian. Time to complete: 15 minutes. To receive more information about Russian as a foreign language, please visit our presentation during the orientation session. Our Russian language test online consist of 52 multiple-choice questions ranging from general knowledge to grammar, from vocabulary to basic language expressions. tests of Russian as a Foreign Language and Integrated Test of Russian as a Foreign Language, History of Russia and Basic Principles of the R. F. Legislation” (distance learning with on-campus exams). If you cannot make it to the test on September 6th, please contact the director of the Center of Russian as a foreign language at Possible ways of solving those relevant issues are proposed in this article. You may not use a dictionary during the test. MOSCOW STATE UNIVERSITY RUSSIAN LANGUAGE CENTER Office 317, 3rd floor, 1-13 Miliutinsky Lane, Moscow, 101000 Russia phone: +7 495 761 9378 e-mail: In Russian, there is the same exam! Established since 1992, it is now mandatory to study in Russian universities. The Test of Russian as a Foreign Language (TORFL) REGISTRATION FORM First Name:_____ Last Name:_____ Phone: _____ Email: _____ The Test of Russian as a Foreign Language Level one TORFL-1 The Test of Russian as a Foreign Language Level one TORFL-3 Spanish Instituto Cervantes/ University of Test of Russian as a Foreign Language (TORFL) B1 Level. Phone: +7 (495) 772-95-90, extensions 22788 and 22790. required.pdf TOEIC (Test of English for International Communication). Test Your Level of Russian at Study in Russia portal. Foreign citizens have a chance to try their strength in Russian without leaving the territory of Belarus. Of course, you can also pass the test just to know your level and evaluate your progress! Russian as a foreign language will be waiting for your questions in room 503 (right next to the room where the testing will be held) from 9:30 till 18:30. 2 The oldest university of Russia Founded in 1724 One of the countries leading universities More than 30000 students and 12000 academic staff Almost 70 years of teaching Russian as a foreign language Saint Petersburg State University. Now Minsk Institute of Management, the only one in Belarus, can offer foreign students to take the Test of Russian as a Foreign Language (TORFL).

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