.rwui_id_d77d9b07-cebd-448d-adef-3e404e1a55ef {color: #666666 !important; background: rgb(237,237,237); border: 1px solid rgb(201,201,201);}.rwui_id_d77d9b07-cebd-448d-adef-3e404e1a55ef:hover {border: 1px solid rgb(166,166,166); background: rgb(219,219,219);}.rwui_id_d77d9b07-cebd-448d-adef-3e404e1a55ef .rwui_icon {color: #666666 !important;} Scene (18 KB). After a while, the fluid loses its momentum and the system reaches equilibrium. This scene demonstrates how to create a highly symmetrical nuclear mushroom cloud. A noise texture is used for the Outgoing Velocity and Temperature slots of the Source so that the fire emission is distributed randomly along the logs' surface which adds more diversity.For rendering, the Fire opacity mode is set to Fully Visible and the render curve is adjusted to bring out the detail of the fire. Phoenix FD is the all-in-one fluid dynamics plugin for Maya. This scene demonstrates how to set up a simple fountain scene using Phoenix FD. //]]>. The Ocean Subdivisions of the Phoenix Mesh are set to 6 in order to have better mesh detail and less flickering of the distant parts of the ocean mesh near the horizon. Simulation steps are set to 2 - 1 step is not enough and the smoke starts becoming grainy due to the high velocity, but more than 2 starts to smooth out the smoke a bit too much. For this scene, the Conservation Method is set to Buffered as it produces the best detail for fire simulations. This example demonstrates a technique for rendering thin smoke layers, ink in water, etc. Also, the fire simulator must exclude the smoke simulator and its PhoenixFDPathFollow force. /*
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