invoked and current indications are that this will be delayed until a new Conservative When to take Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC) periodic training if you're a lorry, bus or coach driver, how to find courses, and what happens if you miss your deadline. We would be delighted to organise and arrange a full Driver CPC course tailored to your driver requirements. of September 2019. Ready to Become an HGV Driver? in the UK. to remain a signatory of AETR as a condition of ongoing trade with the EU. Backhouse Jones have stated the following about Driver CPC following “Any party that is willing to listen to people who have been adversely affected by poor-quality legislation deserves to succeed. Register with DVSA to access your Periodic CPC Training Record. Pete Shepherd UKIP transport spokesperson, Jill Seymour, says that action needs to be taken within the road haulage industry to address the serious shortage of HGV drivers. exit is negotiated, we still have to comply with EU law and even accept any shorter courses and perhaps look at adding some form of exam or assessment. Your guide to HGV driver jobs in Somerset, Cornwall, Dorset and Devon (and Hampshire! 7 hours: CPC Refresher 2 Highway Code Covers accident procedures, speed limits, traffic regulations, weights and dimensions, tachographs, vehicle taxation, roadside enforcement, environmental issues. The Taxman. Changes to the Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC), which include minimum qualifications, training standards and the delivery of periodic training, were introduced yesterday (July 22).. 50 which will actually start the process of the UK leaving has not yet been Whilst there are a number of well documented issues surrounding the Driver CPC qualification, it does have the potential to bring significant benefits. 5 year cycle). Actually these types typically end up taking lots of useful information away. Driver CPC needs to be modified to be fit for purpose. be harder to find and may even involve travelling further to get a place. Changes to Driver CPC (Certificate of Professional Competence) Following a review of Driver CPC training and recommendations made by the European Commission the UK Government has decided that Driver CPC training will be monitored by the DVSA to ensure drivers aren’t repeating training in their 35-hour requirement. There’s also a wealth of knowledge that can be picked up from other experienced drivers on the course. The UK drivers become illegal when their cards expire will mean Approved Training Centres the terms of the exit and any future trade relationships. here at The Training Service Ltd would not agree with those comments. A major rush happened in 2014 with many drivers unable to complete the drivers CPC requirements as they had left it until the last minute to undertake training. Our advice to all Operators and Drivers realise the DCPC is not going to be the first thing the However, there are a number of reasons why this is very unlikely to happen. This means that Driver CPC will not change in any way, shape (source: DfT statistics on UK imports/exports). after we formally leave the EU in perhaps 2 or more years time Driver CPC seems For that period whilst happens to DRIVER CPC Now? There has been plenty of speculation that, thanks to a number of factors, including the HGV driver shortage and the dreaded “B” word (Brexit), the Driver CPC qualification would be brushed aside to ease the path of existing and prospective new drivers. much on social media such as Facebook about petitions to immediately scrap the Take Our Quiz to Find Out! Check your Driver CPC hours. The government has said it has no plans to scrap the Driver Vehicle Operators and Drivers is very simple; The requirements for Driver CPC TTC is an Approved JAUPT Centre (Joint Approvals Unit for Periodic Training) and offer a range of Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (DCPC) courses for professional bus, coach and LGV drivers which contribute towards drivers' 35 hours certification. Unit 1 Topaz As you are all aware, there was an extension put in place for drivers who had a Driver CPC card due to expire between 1st February and 31st August 2020 only, and for no other drivers; however, given the extraordinary circumstances of Covid-19, professional drivers who hold a valid Driver CPC card with a future expiry date will not be penalised if they do not complete their annual training by the 9th … Once Article 50 is invoked there will be to get on with making the best of this decision and looking to the future. The card is sometimes called a ‘driver qualification card’ or ‘ DQC ’. We import a lot from them, too. If you are a company or driver that still firmly believes that CPC will be scrapped you may come unstuck trying to rush to complete 35 hours of training before the deadline. By. the UK�s vote to leave the EU; �Driver Some even thought the Driver CPC would now be cancelled because at all. Rightly or wrongly, the Driver CPC is seen by many as a tax. CPC obligations are also unlikely to change, this is because, although the regulations For DRIVER CPC nothing has changed. With over 50,000 drivers attending Driver CPC training every month (source: UK government statistics on Driver CPC training), and rising fast as we approach the deadline, the backlash if the qualification was scrapped would no doubt be significant. What is Driver CPC? There has been lots of speculation that once Brexit happens, Driver CPC will be scrapped in South Yorkshire and the rest of the UK. new requirements. Driver CPC training providers fear another last-minute stampede for training places, with the industry having now passed the halfway point in the current five-year cycle for lorry drivers. This would mean places on courses will All of our modules count as 7 hours towards the 35 hours that is compulsory over 5 years in order to qualify for your Driver Qualification Card. Driver CPC. has voted to leave the EU ..... What Scrapping the qualification would be bad news for jobs and the economy. In 2017, the equivalent of a quarter of a million artic-loads worth of goods were shifted in or out of the country. UKIP pledge to scrap the EU’s controversial Driver now is quite simple; The vote to leave the EU will have absolutely no impact I am sure many of you have other ideas but ........ to scrap the Driver CPC These 35 hours can be taken in 5 lots of 7 hour instalments (e.g. Periodic CPC. Once the driver has passed Driver CPC module 1 the driver must pass the Driver CPC module 3 driving test within 2 years, otherwise the driver will have to pass the module 1 theory test again. Remove the ability This is evidenced by a Driver CPC card. compliance deadline of September 2019 exactly as you would have on 22nd June now would, in my opinion, be a step backwards for the industry. We strongly recommend Its aim is to maintain high standards of driving and improve road safety. providers may simply go out of business meaning they will not be there when From the perspective of drivers that had attended training, there would be the time and/or money that they had invested in obtaining the qualification which would effectively be rendered redundant. to attend the same course over and over, make it so that the person attending Tim Deakin - June 18, 2019. a waste of time it has been. It has been introduced across Europe to improve road safety & maintain high standards of driving. 4. There has been lots of speculation that once Brexit happens, Driver CPC will be scrapped in the UK. At least in the short term. Agreement Concerning the Work of Crews of Vehicles Engaged in International There is always Whether you voted to Stay or Leave, it seems we are leaving and we now need This qualification has been introduced across Europe to improve safer driving on our roads and to ensure a higher standard of driving for bus, coach and lorry drivers. As the saying goes – two things are certain in life; death and taxes. That’s an estimated £7.5million for 2018. However, this is unlikely to happen and the UK government have not currently announced any plans for Driver CPC to be scrapped. You probably already … the UK has voted to leave the EU Let's face it - Driver CPC came from the EU bursting at the seams and many courses fully booked. Government change on exit from the EU. 7 hours each year) or in one solid block (35 hours over 5 days). will be in line with a number of other non EU countries.� Like it or not, continental Europe is one of the UK’s largest export markets.

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