Flame Princess can shoot fire from the gem on her forehead. When Flame Princess transforms into her larger form, her face resembles that of her father, the Flame King. The episode ends with the two walking off together. Grass Demon | She changes her hair and clothing sometimes in the show. Why-Wolves | Sir Slicer | Flame Princess eats coal and burns things to keep sustain herself. She was found by Princess Bubblegum, who brought her back to her father, where the Princess demanded he control his daughter. This excitement quickly turns to anger when "Prince Finn" rejects her. Cinnamon Bun In the episode "Earth and Water" Flame Princess and Cinnamon Bun became friends because they both hated Princess Bubblegum. Hunson Abadeer | Goliad | Finn asked. It is likely that Finn continues to harbor genuine romantic affection for Flame Princess, as seen in The Comet. Elemental Monarch, Princess of the Fire Kingdom (formerly)Freestyle Rapper, Flame Princess is the princess (now queen) of the Fire Kingdom and was the former love interest of Finn. In "Earth & Water", Flame Princess overthrew Flame King and became the new ruler. In "Ignition Point," they interact much more and they seem to be comfortable with each other; it was Jake who suggested going to the Fire Kingdom to get her the scented candles. The extent of the relationship between the two is unknown. In "The Red Throne," it is suggested that Cinnamon Bun has the ability age in a similar way to … She touches a pool of water hurting herself, and Finn jumps from the bush to her aid. However, Flame King's concept of his daughter being evil is merely a factor of all Fire Kingdom citizens being evil and traitorous to one another, with him believing her like others yet with physical instability that would cause harm to anyone around her. King Huge | While there, Finn finds out that Flame Princess is evil, but he seems pleased to know that she could possibly be turned to good. She believes that Finn will win and cheers him on, giving him the support he needs to survive the final stretch of Jake's gauntlet. Flame Princess has two unnamed younger brothers and one unnamed older brother serving in the military. They have some fun bonding over charades and Flame Princess' freestyle rapping skills, reestablishing their friendship. After being returned to the surface, they share a kiss with Finn kissing a rock and giving it to her; with her kissing the rock in return. She is able to project powerful streams, disks. romantic? Oppression Flame Princess, who was unaware that Princess Bubblegum was the threat to the kingdom, seeks help from her but disregards Bubblegum's attempts to act as her friend (in order to gain Flame Princess' trust) and apprised her furiously that she had only asked her help to save her kingdom, not because she trusts her. However, Flame King's concept of his daughter being evil is merely a factor of all Fire Kingdom citizens being evil and traitorous to one another, with him believing her like others yet with physical instability that would cause harm to anyone around her. In "Too Old," it is revealed the couple had broken up, and so Finn makes one last attempt at Princess Bubblegum. Due to being wet, she is weak and couldn't escape until Patience St. Pim tripped on her boat which broke, the sail (a wooden pole) bounces and breaks her ice bounds, she grabs the wooden pole, burns it, thus igniting her weakened flames. In addition, she could turn others into fire elemental people. The reason Flame Princess was in the prison was because her 'elemental matrix' was unstable and exposure to romance would caused danger. Her skin is a sunglow color (yellow-orange) and she wears a long tank top dress that touches the ground. Bella Noche | As of "Burning Low", Flame Princess and Finn started dating for a while. Little Dude | Gross • Early Creature • Evil Hermit • Fire Elemental (St. Pim Era) • Fire Elemental (Unknown Era) • Frieda • Gibbon • Grass Demon • Grass Worm • Grand Prix • Guardian • Lee • Minerva Campbell • Moniker • Roy • Santa • Slime Elemental (St. Pim Era) • Slime Elemental (Unknown Era) • Spear Bear • Sveinn • Turtle Announcer • Widow, Bogo • Cloudy • Fire Archer • Fire Rat • Gummy Fish • Michael • Other Fionna • Sentient Lollipop • Wall of Water • Whipple • Wizard Tailor, Alarm Clock Creature • Baby Teeth Finns • Ble’s Founder • Ble’s Staff • Beth • Cake People • Cake People Mutant • Cake Titans • Future Two Headed Duck • Giraffe Girl • Gingerbread Rapper • Grumbo • Gumball Guardian Mutant • Lumpy Space Princess (1000+) • Mind Frogs • Pizza Fish • Pudding Troll • Pup Citizen • Rapper Chipmunk • Shermy • Son of Rap Bear • Talug • Wishy, Ancient Glass Princess • CGO • Cole • Darling • Glassassins • Glassboy • Hugo • KS-2 • Larvo • Lenny Longlegs • Olive • See-Thru Princess • Shafter • Sweetie • Twinkletoes • Y5 • Y5's Dad, Adventure Tim • ALN • Bongo • ‎Breakfast Organisms • Creepy Finn & Jake robots • Devil Cake Downers • Dr. Flame Princess gasps, and the scene cuts to a flashback of 15 years ago, when Flame Princess was a baby. It most likely transforms, or the hair is more of a fuel for the fire. When Jake asks Flambo if he knows any princesses Finn's age, he responds that he knows "just the skirt... and she's WAY hot." She has two diamond-shaped, red gems; one on her forehead and the other on the front of her dress. Ruler of the Fire Kingdom (currently)Princess of the Fire Kingdom (formerly)Freestyle Rapper However, the servant took pity on her and gave her to a woodsman, but she wandered around and proceeded to burn the woodsman house and the surrounding forest. After a giant Goo Skull captures Finn, she rescues him and calls him her boyfriend for the first time. As Flame Princess discusses what should be done about this with her family, her brother insists on attacking the Candy Kingdom to use the sugar to strengthen the fires. Guardian Angel | While trying to recover from the battle, Princess Bubblegum decided to come clean and explained that she was trying to get near Flame Princess' weapons stockpile to protect her kingdom, as well as revealing that she had put a video camera to spy on Flame Princess. According to Princess Bubblegum, Flame Princess' emotions are directly linked to her combustion levels, which explains her aggressiveness. Her father, the Flame King, understands his own daughter as "evil," having said so during "Incendium" even in introducing her to "Finn" (Jake molding part of his body into a Finn-shape) when they first meet. She is shown later on one of PB's camera screens, where her brother complains about not starting a war, which Phoebe responds with a pat on the shoulder. Flame Princess, whose name is Phoebe and who is occasionally called FP, is the current ruler of the Fire Kingdom as well as Finn's ex-girlfriend. It may also be noted that she is the third member of royalty that hated their father, along with Marceline and Lumpy Space Princess; however, Lumpy Space Princess' hate stretches to both her parents. This is shown in "Hot to the Touch," where she was viewed to be examining flowers and was a bit surprised when she accidentally sets them on fire. Fire Count | Flame Princess is able to generate heat and flames. Cinnamon Bun resembles a large brown bun that has a gooey face due to being half-baked. Based on this outburst and her imprisonment in the gas lamp it is likely Flame Princess has a destructive nature, though it is possible her nature is a result of her imprisonment. And so the book is firmly closed on Finn and the former Flame Princess’ romance, setting Finn up for his next girlfriend and more life lessons that come with young love and heartbreak. Also in "Vault of Bones," while Flame Princess and Finn are playing cards, Jake offers them chamomile tea to show his support of their relationship. Flame Princess has a volatile personality. The Lich | In "Hot to the Touch," Finn wanders into the woods to search for the Princess, after asking Jake about her and saying he "really likes her." When Jake asks Flambo if he knows any princesses that are Finn's age so he can fix his broken heart, he introduces Jake to Flame Princess. Rapping.Burning wood. Tree Witch | Flame Princess's role as a character is defined predominantly by her relationship with Finn, until they broke up in "Frost and Fire.". In the episode "Hot to the Touch", Flame Princess shows curiosity about her new surroundings by examining flowers. Flame Princess has two cousins, Furnius and Torcho, who hate her father because he killed their father in order to take over the Fire Kingdom. However, Flame Princess managed to catch Bubblegum off-guard and defeated her. Patience St Pim | His mouth is misshapen and full of crooked teeth. After he was shot by a fire, he became aware and fully cooked. Fear Feaster | After she is doused with liquid pyrotechnics, she unconsciously falls off the roof of the Tree Fort. Bubblegum then decides to use Flame Princess' attacks to destroy the Giants and taunts her by calling her a "ding-dong" who does not deserve her trust. Bunny.". When she is exposed to extreme romance, her elemental matrix will become unstable, and she would burn through the Earth's crust and set off a series of reactions, causing a meltdown that would burn up the planet from the inside. He then tells her that he was worried about her and thinks that she's beautiful. The American animated television series Adventure Time features a cast of fictional characters created by Pendleton Ward.The series revolves around the adventures of protagonists Finn the Human (voiced by Jeremy Shada), a teenage human boy, and his best friend Jake the Dog (voiced by John DiMaggio), a dog with magical powers to change shape and grow and shrink at will. He slightly could believe his daughter could gain a "good" alignment if she hung around people like Finn, but he does not know if it could work due to Flame Princess' fiery nature. She is also one of the two princesses to have another emblem aside from a crown to represent her royalty as a princess. It fails as usual, and he tells Jake he has to "patch things up with Flame Princess," so it is unknown if they get back together or not, as Jake ominously states Flame Princess could have already replaced Finn with a new boyfriend. Adventure Time The Flame King also remarks that she is difficult to control. PyrokinesisShapeshiftingFlightFire bolt projection When the Purple Comet offers Finn a new mode of existence, she explains the crisis caused by the weight of this decision. In the episode "The Enchiridion!," he is shown to be very clumsy as he attempts to do a backflip and stumbles backwards and crashes into a tall tower with Princess Bubblegum in it. Pig • Neptr • Nurse Pound Cake • Party God • Peppermint Butler • Phil • Prismo • Pup Gang • Shelby • Snail • Starchy • Susan Strong • Ricardio • Root Beer Guy • Tiffany • Toronto • Tree Trunks • T.V. As they hug, Finn gets burned and pushes her away. Turtle • Naked Wizard • Narrator (Ocean of Fear) • Oculus of Rehabilitation • Ogre • Old Lady • Old Henchman • Old Prisoner • Old Wizards • Party Jellyfish • Party Snail • Penny • Punch Bowl • Reaper • Riddle Master • Science Cat • Sentient Tea Cup • Shark • Sharon • Sign Zombie • Skeleton Army • Sleeping Student • Snow Monsters • Squirrel • Stanley • Stanley's family • Stonesy • Super Freak (Gorflax, Gork, Kim, Trudy, Wee Wee, Zap) • Swamp Giant • Swan • The Jiggler • Three Wise Men • Toad • Two-Headed Duck • Skeleton Butterflies • Wall of Flesh • Witch • Wizard Students, Ancient Psychic Tandem War Elephant • Aquandrius • Bob & Ethel Rainicorn • Boobafina • Booboo • Bouncy Bee • Boyfriend & Girlfriend Skeletons • Butterfly With Laser Gun • Colonel Candy Corn • Commander and Private • Cubby • Dancing Bug • Dr. Dextrose • Dr. Donut • Georgy • Gelatin Man • Ghost Man • Gnome Knight • Gnome Ruler • Golem • Gray Goblin • Grimby • Green Gumdrop Dude • Gummy • Halt • Hot Dog Knights • Hunny Bunny • Jelly Bean People • JJ • Kitten • Large Bear • Lester • Momma Bear • Monster • Mrs. Yoder • Mushroom Mayor • Nymph • Party Pat • Piglets • Red Cyclops • Red-faced Monster • Taddle • Tart Toter • Schwabl • Simon • Sir Slicer • Sleepy Sam • Slicer's Horse • Snail Ladies • Snorlock • Soul Sucked Fuzzy Friend • Teenage Bear • Tiny Red Creature • Tree Witch • Wendy • Whisper Dan • Xergiok, Ash • Blastronaut • Burger Monster • Candy Corn Thug • Clarence • Clown Nurses • Cute King • Dimension Wizard • Door Lord • Dr. J • Dumb Rock • Evil Monster • Fight King • Fire Wolf Pup • Flame Lord • Forest Cyclops • Fruit Witches • Gladiator Ghost • Grand Master Wizard • Hamburger Monster • Hand Snow Golem • Hedgehogs • Hot Dog Monster • Howard • Iron Owl • Jaybird • Laser Wizard • Lava Man • Lemon Camel • Lollipop Thug • Me-Mow • Mildwin • Pan • Papa Wolf • Paper Pete • Rainy • Science • Scorcher • Smudge • Spider • Spirit Waves • Stag • Talking Bush • Tiny Goblin • Tree Stump With Sign • Ugly Monster • Wildberry Guards • Wormo, Bebe • Baby Spider • Bear • Beautiful Lady • Barb • Candy Nanny • Chocolate Chips • Dream Warrior • Ed • Family • The Farm • Fat Bee • Flame Soldiers • Furnius • Goliad • Ice Penguin Monsters • Jalapeño pepper • Lorraine • Margles • Mirror Finns • President Porpoise • Prince Huge • Princess Cookie • Ronnie • Shark Sword • Spirits • Stormo • The Train • Tiny Manticore • Torcho • Tree of Blight • Winged Lemongrab Horse • Woobeewoo Elder, Agnes • Alarm Cat • Ann • Aquatic Fish Creature • Bella Noche • Big Destiny • Bird Man Skeleton • Blanket Dragon • Blargetha • Blue Gumdrop Guy • Blueberry Cops • Boney • Box Prince • Box Prince Impostor • Braco • Bubble • Buck Pudding • Butt Chest • Candy Boss • Candy Cat • Candy Sheriff • Candy Trimmer 1 • Candy Trimmer 2 • Candy Waiter • Cart Creature • Cart Guy • Canyon • Captain Banana Guard • Cherry Cream Soda • Chipmunk • Choose Bruce • Cinnamon Bun's Dog • CMO • Crabbit • Cream Puff Gentleman • Dead Hunter • DMO • Elder Plops • Elderly Beetle • Elderly Fly • Evil Giant Guy • Island Lady • Farmworld Finn • Farmworld Jake • Farmworld Marceline • Finn's Baby Brother • Finn's Dad • Finn's Mom • Flint • Flying Demons • Flying Lettuce Brothers • Flying Troll • Funeral Guests • Gareth • Gentleman Spider • Giant Ant Monster • Giant Goo Skull • Giant Mouse • GOLB • Gunthalina • Head Worm • Hole Frog • Imaginary Jake • James • James Baxter • Jay & Bonnie • Johnnie • Jordan • Kartemon • Lemonhope • Little Buddy • Little Dude • Mail Bird • Man In The Wall • Milk Ghost • Mini Elves • Moe • Mother Gum • Mouse Family • Ogdoad • Owl • Paris • Pete Sassafras • Petey • Phlannel Boxingday • Pillow Child • Porcupine • Princess Bubblegum Bot • Pterodactyl • Quilton • Randy • Randy (flame person) • Rap Bear • Rasheeta • Rattleballs • Roger • Ron James • Roselinen • Sand People (Red Starved) • Samantha • Shoko • Slider Guy • Slime Guards • Slime Warriors • Snake Runner • Sparkle • Sparkle's Mom • Spider-snake hybrid • Squeez-E-Mart boss • Squirrel • Stranson Doughblow • Sue • Suitors • Suzy • Tentacle Monster • The Beast • The Glitch • The Lobster • Trami • Tromo • Ursula • Vapor Swamp Monsters • Veiny Monster • Wall Spider • Wizard Bill • Wizard Police • Wizard Prison Chef, Alien Children • Alien Messenger • Balthus • Beau • Berdzerd • Billybee • Billybee’s Gang Bees • Bland Alien Creatures • Blindfolded Mantis • Blue Berry Customer • Blue Nose • Blue Snail • Breezy • Bryce • Bus Person • Cadmus Legion • Carroll • Caterpillar • Chatsberry • Cheryl • Chinchizard • Chips • Clock Face • Cosmic Cloud People • Cosmic Head Devourer • Cosmic Half-Bodied Creature • Cosmic Mouth Creature • Cosmic Spikey Creature • Cosmic Tentacle Creature • Cosmic Waist Creature • Cow Farmer • Cube Person • Darren • Daughter of Peace Master • Dewdrop Citizen • Drawer Dresser Person • Drum Set People • Duty Manager • Elder Granny Alien • Elder Pops Alien • Erin • Evil Cosmic Bacteria • Evil Cosmic Barnacle • Evil Cosmic Bat • Evil Cosmic Cyclopes • Evil Cosmic Jellyfish • Evil Cosmic Robot • Evil Cosmic Teacher • Evil Cosmic UFO • Evil Cosmic Urchin • Evil Cosmic Worm • Eye Creature • Eye Moon • Father Alien • Flambo's Brother • Frog Twins • Frozen Yogurt Princess • Geode Ants • General Tarsal • Ghost Fly • Giant Basket Transporter • Giant Crab Creature • Giuseppe • Gnome Tenant • Goose • Goralina • Gummi Water Boy • Gunther the Dinosaur • Hairy Gummy • Hairy Person • Homeless Wildberry People • Horse (Sad Face) • Huge King • Ice Cream • Ice Imp • Insect Actress • Insect Announcer Carnie • Insect Audience • Insect Band • Insect Workers • Jewel-Eyed Rock Creature • Jumping Citizens • Kent • Key Person • Lamp • Leaf Beard • Leaf Man • Lieutenant Gamergate • Life • Lifeguard • Lifeguard 2 • Linda • Lizard Followers • Lizard Guard • Mage • Magwood • Martin 2 • Matthew • Mayor • Mice Daughters • Mice Followers • Microwave Person • Monks • Morty Rogers • Mother Alien • Mother Bird • Mountain Guardian • Mr. B • Mr. F • Mr. Goji Berry • Mrs. Goji Berry • Mud Man • Mud Person • Muffin Giant • Nina • Oinko • Old Green Person • Party Beetle • Party Bug 1 • Party Bug 2 • Party Scorpion • Peace Master • Peace Master's Baby • Pet Dog • Purple Comet • Purple Hairy Person • Rabid Possum • Rat King • Ringmaster • Sacrificial Deer Creature • Sally • Seven • Shadow Slender Demons • Shape-shifter • Shazbaz • Shelby’s Girlfriend • Sleeping Fire Giants • Slime Dog • Slime Grimes • Slimy D • Snow Person • Son of Peace Master Space Moth • Speedboat • Squirrel Lover • Strong Insect Worker • Talking Ant • Talking Leaf • The Raccoon • The Sun • The Wisemen • Train Boss 1 • Tuber • Upper Middle Class Wildberry Kids • Urgence Evergreen • Void Caster • Wine Glass Person • Woodpeckers, ALLMO • AMO • Bobby • Bunny Girl • Cactus Guy • Cloud Dance • Fine Aged Cheddar Man • Frog Guards • Governor Angler Fish • Haydancy • Mediator Shrimp • Me-Mow's Horse • Mother Mushroom • Music Hole • Neddy • Old Banana Guards • Patience St. Pim • Pepper Grinder • Piglets (Angel Face) • Prismo's Boss • Representative Cybil • Representative Eel • Representative Orca • Representative Seahorse • Representative Sea Turtle • Representative Swordfish • Risco • Secretary Octopus • Sentient Aroma • Sentient Tomato • Sock Bandits • Spirit Dream Warrior • Tadpoles • The Empress • The Fool • The Hierophant • The Moon • Thunder Boar • Two Bread Tom • Vampire King • Vampire Teen • Vice President Blowfish, Albert • Alva • Bun Bun • Candy Elemental (St. Pim Era) • Candy Elemental (Unknown Era) • Dr. She can travel quick at a large distance by transforming into fire and move to destination then return to original form. Jake sings her a song and accidentally kills her father's jester by spilling water on him, both of which she apparently enjoyed; however, she does not react much when "Prince Finn" kills Jake. "Cinnamon Bun is a sentient pastry, and if he's half baked that means a bit of heat can help finish his growth as a person in a way." Tiffany Oiler | Flame King has Cinnamon Bun for affection, but she extends an invitation to Finn to keep their friendship alive as long as he stays honest. Flame Princess … Martin Mertens | She has an extremely unstable makeup. Princess Bubblegum feels sad that Cinnamon Bun is the only candy person in the Flame Kingdom, so she creates Bun Bun, a tiny cinnamon bun, to keep him company. As revealed in "Elemental," she is the current Fire Elemental. In "All the Little People", the mini version of her fights against Princess Bubblegum for the love of Finn. She does, however, still wants to be friends after he betrayed her. In "The Dark Cloud," she and Cinnamon Bun come to the assistance of Finn, Jake, Princess Bubblegum, and the Candy Kingdom in combating the Dark Cloud created by the Vampire King's extracted vampire essence, by using one of the Fire Kingdom's volcanos to fire a blast of lava at the vampire cloud however it fails to stop it and instead injures several Candy People who were fighting the vampire cloud.

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